System Upgrade

Dear Valued Subscriber,

Please be informed that Cignal Digital TV will undergo a system upgrade to give you a better TV viewing experience.

For certain set-top boxes, subscribers will have to manually change the box settings following the steps below, on/before July 15.  Subscribers who have successfully changed system settings will receive a Php300 bill rebate.

Click here to claim your rebate.

How to change box settings for system upgrade:

Step 1: Ensure that both set top box and satellite dish were issued by an authorized Cignal Partner.

Step 2. Press “Menu” button on Remote control.

Step 3. Select “Settings” then press “OK” button as shown below.

Step 4. Enter the 4-digit PIN number (Default is 0000 or 9999 or 9998) then press “OK” to submit

Step 5. Scroll down and select “System Setup” then press “OK” button

Step 6.  Select “Installation Setup” then press “OK” button.

Step 7. Change the following parameter as follows then press “OK” button:

LNB Type:                                                  Single Band

Low Band LO Frequency:                9750 GHz


Step 8.  Press “OK” button again.

Step 9. After pressing “OK” you can see the STB locked on the signal.




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