Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Channels do you carry?

As of April 1, 2015 Cignal has a total of 98 digital channels plus 12 audio channels. The different subscription packages available have a complete mix of the most popular channels that meet your family’s needs in relation to sports, movies, entertainment, news & information, and kids channels.

Please click here for a list of our channel lineup. Note that the channel lineup is subject to change without prior notice.

What is Colours Channel?

Colours is a living magazine channel designed to appeal to the varying tastes of women that will feature highly acclaimed international programs on fashion, food, wellness, home and reality, as well as local programs. Colours is available on all postpaid and prepaid plans/packages and in over a hundred local pay TV cable operators nationwide. It comes in both SD (CH. 27) and HD (CH. 102) channels.

2. Where is Cignal available?

Cignal is available nationwide and can reach even remote areas (mountains or beach fronts) in provinces. Because Cignal transmits via satellite, its service is not dependent on cable infrastructure. All that is needed is the installation of the satellite dish and a clear line of sight to Cignal’s satellite.

3. What are the subscription types available?

Cignal plans/packages are available in Postpaid and Prepaid subscriptions. Please click here for complete details on Postpaid plans that ranges from P390 – P1,590 a month and here for details on Prepaid packages that are available in 100, 175, 300, 400, 430, 490 and 590 load denominations.

For Postpaid subscriptions (Residential):

4. What are the subscription requirements?

• Applicant must at least be 18 years old

• Applicant must provide all the required valid requirements:

o Completed Service Application Form (SAF)

• Applicant should be able to provide the main contact numbers (mobile or landline): Residence no. and Business/Employer’s no. (if applicable)

o Proof of Identification (POID)

• Must be standard and locally issued with photo and signature

o Service Bills*

• Credit Card Bills
• Mobile Phone Postpaid Bills (SMART/SUN/GLOBE)
• Electricity Bills (Meralco or Provincial Electric Bills)
• Other Pay-TV service (Cable) Bills

*Billing address indicated on the Service Application Form must be consistent with the Service Bills submitted. Service Bills must be also
current and will still be subjected to credit approval.

• Proof of Income (POI) with Proof of Billing (POB) - if Service Bills are not available

For more details please click here.

5. What are the components of the monthly fee?

Your Cignal monthly fee consists of the following:

• Subscription Fee
• Box Maintenance Fee
• Outlet Fee (for 2nd, 3rd and 4th* digital boxes under Lease Plans)
* For Plan 1590 only

Other charges may also be included as applicable i.e. Pay-Per-View, Accessory fees, etc.

6. Why am I paying for the box maintenance fee?

Only applicable to Lease Plan subscription. The monthly box maintenance provides lifetime support for your digital boxes. If a digital box (under the same account) gets damaged (due to factory defects), replacement will be covered by Cignal for the duration of your subscription. Subscriber may be charged for the cost of the visit.

7. How do I apply for a secondary digital box?

Enjoy the digital experience in more than just one (1) TV at home by having additional digital boxes, under a LEASE plan. A maximum of three (3)* digital boxes per account is allowed and are subjected to applicable fees. Please click here for details.
*Up to 4 boxes for Plan 1590

8. How do I read my Billing Statement?

Please click here for details on how to read your bill.

9. What are the charges on my first bill?

Your first bill reflects pro-rata charges (proportional fees from activation date to bill date) and subscription charges for the current period.

10. How do I change my billing and/or account details.

To update your account details, please contact CignalCare. Please click here for CignalCare contact details.

11. Can I receive my billing statement via email?

Yes you may by subscribing to our E-Bill program. Go paperless and receive your bills ahead of time. Please click here to register.

12. What happens if I fail to pay on time?

If payment is not received 5 days from due date, programming will be limited to local free-to-air channels. If bills remain unpaid 15 days after due date, all free-to-air and subscription-based channels will be inaccessible. To reinstate service, please settle you bill at the nearest payment centers.

13. Where can I pay my Postpaid bill?

Please see list of available Postpaid Payment channels.

For more details please click here.

14. How do I request for reconnection?

You may ask for reconnection thru CignalCare. You must pay all outstanding dues and a P100 reconnection fee. Please click here for CignalCare contact details.

15. How can I check my outstanding balances?

To inquire about your balance**, simply text Cignal<space>BILL<space>Postpaid Account number and send to 5353. Standard SMS rates apply. (** for SMART & Sun subscribers only).

16. How long does it take to post my payment?

Payment posting takes 2-3 business days.

17. Why is my line-up limited to local channels?

Your account may have been downgraded for failure to settle the outstanding balance on time. Service will resume once payment is posted. Please click here for list of Postpaid payment centers.

For Prepaid subscriptions (Residential):

18. What are the subscription requirements?

• Applicant must at least be 18 years old
• Applicant must provide all the required valid requirements:
• Completed Service Application Form (SAF)
o Applicant should be able to provide the main contact numbers (mobile or landline): Residence no. and Business/Employer’s no. (if applicable)
• Proof of Identification (POID)
o Must be standard and locally issued with photo and signature

For more details please click here.

19. How do I reload?

You can buy load from any Cignal Partners/Dealers, or from any SMART load Retailers. Cignal Reload Cards are also available in different denominations at SM Prepaid Card Counters and Cignal Partners/Dealers nationwide. For more details please click here.

20. Can I load any denomination?

Subscribers with Standard Definition (SD) digital boxes may load SD Packs 175, 300, 400, and 430. As for subscribers with High Definition (HD) digital boxes, HD Packs 100, 175, 300, 400, 430, 490 and 590 are available. If the pack denomination you wish to load is different from your current one, please wait for it to expire before loading.

21. Can Prepaid subscribers buy load in any of the Postpaid payment channels?

No, Prepaid accounts may load at Cignal partners or Smart Load retailers.

22. What will happen if I fail to reload when my load expires?

Your Cignal Prepaid Account will be inactive and you will not be able to watch any channels except the Cignal Channel (CH. 98). To reactivate, simply load the account with the load denomination of your choice. Failure to load for several months may require reactivation by CignalCare.

23. What is the validity of my load?

All load denominations (except the 175) has a validity of 30 days from the time of actual loading. The 175 load denomination has a validity of 14 days.

24. How can I check the expiration of my load?

To inquire about your load expiration**, simply text Cignal<space>EXP<space>Prepaid Account number and send to 5353. Standard SMS rates apply. (** for SMART & Sun subscribers only).

25. What should I do if my reload was not successful?

For failed loading transactions, please contact CignalCare. For more contact details please click here. You can also coordinate directly with your Cignal Distributor/Dealer near your area.

Please be ready to provide the following needed information:
• Cignal Prepaid Account number
• Date and time of transaction
• Transaction reference no. (if available)
• Retailer mobile number

26. Can I apply for a secondary digital box?

Multiple digital box set-up is possible for Postpaid subscriptions only. You may either covert to Postpaid, or subscribe to a new Prepaid account.

27. Can I convert my Cignal Prepaid Kit to Postpaid?

Prepaid accounts can be converted to Postpaid. Conversion of some Cignal Prepaid Kits may however require change of the digital box, subject to applicable fees. Contact CignalCare for details.

28. Where can I buy load?

You can buy load at the following loading channels nationwide:
• Cignal Territory Partners (E-load and Cignal Reload Cards)
• Cignal Dealers (E-load and Cignal Reload Cards)
• Cignal and SMART load retailers (E-load)
SM Prepaid Card Counters (Cignal Reload Cards).

For more details please click here.


29. What is my warranty coverage?

For Postpaid (LEASE) subscriptions, Cignal guarantees replacement for the following components that are damaged due to factory defects:
• Digital box
• Smart card
• Satellite dish
• Low Noise Block Feed
For Prepaid and Postpaid (CASH) subscriptions, Cignal provides a 6-12 month (from activation date) guarantee replacement for the following components that are damaged due to factory defects:
• Digital box – 12 months
• Smart card – 12 months
• Satellite dish – 6 months
• Low Noise Block Feed – 6 months
Accessories are not included in the warranty like remote control units, cables, connectors, splitters, etc. Subscriber may be charged for the cost of visit.

30. My box is already out of warranty. Can I order a replacement box?

For Prepaid and Postpaid (CASH) subscribers may purchase a replacement unit subject to applicable fees. Please click here to contact Cignal Care for details.

31. How do I order replacement accessories?

Remote control unit, adaptor and smart cards may be ordered via CignalCare. For Postpaid subscribers, applicable fees will be reflected on their next bill. For Prepaid subscribers, they may be required to pay for the accessory through any Bayad Center branches nationwide prior to delivery.

32. What will I do if I will move houses?

Please contact CignalCare to schedule the dismantling and reinstallation of the concerned Cignal kit components. Applicable charges will be shouldered by the subscriber. Please click here for CignalCare contact details.

33. Does the signal get interrupted during bad weather?

Cignal is a satellite-based subscription that requires a clear line of sight connection to the satellite. Rains do not affect the line of sight. Severe weather conditions, however, may block the signal resulting to temporary loss of connection. Interruption should not last more than 10 ­-15 minutes.

Account Info/Modification:

34. How do I find out my account number?

Gently pull out your SMART CARD from the set-top box and check the backside of the card.
For SMART/SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card number> to5353.

Standard SMS rates apply

* For SMART and Sun subscribers only.

 35. How do I find out my smart card serial number?

• Gently pull-out the smart card from the Cignal Box

• Flip card to locate the smart card number on the backside of card. The 12-digit smart card number appears in this format: 0000 00XX XXXX

• For Smart/TNT or Sun subscribers, text: CIGNAL<space>SC<space><12-digit smart card no.> and. Standard SMS rates apply.

• Send message to 5353

• A text message will be received with the customer's account number.

36. How do I order Pay-Per-View?

For Postpaid subscribers, order online via this website. Just go to the home page and click on subscribe for the PPV of your choice. Postpaid accounts must be in good credit standing. Purchase of Pay-Per-View via our accredited banks is not allowed.
For Prepaid subscribers, load at the nearest Cignal and Smart load retailers in your area. Prepaid accounts must currently have at least any active load of 100, 175, 300, 400, 430, 490, or 590 in order to load Pay-Per-View denominations.

37. How do I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

For Postpaid accounts, downgrading may be requested after completion of your lock-in period. You may upgrade anytime by contacting CignalCare, subject to applicable fees.
For Prepaid accounts with Standard Definition (SD) digital boxes, subscribers may load Packs 175, 300, 400, and 430. If the pack denomination you wish to load is different from your current one, please wait for it to expire before loading. For High Definition (HD) digital boxes, all load denominations can be loaded which are 100, 175, 300, 400, 430, 490, and 590.


38. What is E-Bill?

E-Bill is our electronic billing system whereby subscribers receive their statements of account via email.

39. How do you enroll in E-Bill?

You may enroll your account by simply registering your Cignal account here.

40. When do I start receiving my E-Bill?

Upon successful enrollment, you will start receiving your E-Bill the following month.

41. Would I still receive my printed statements if I am enrolled?

In line with our advocacy on the environment, the hard copy of your bill will no longer be sent.

42. How do I view the statement in my email?

When you receive the email from, simply open the attached file. The file does not require any password.

43. How do I print my E-Bill?

If you are accessing your email trough a desktop computer, simply click the printer icon found on the menu of your web browser.

44. Do I need a particular software to read my E-Bill?

You need to have a PDF Reader application installed in your computer or mobile device (Eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader). You can download the application for free at

45. How do I store my E-Bill?

You may archive your E-Bill by simply saving your statements in your computer or mobile device. This will allow you to keep records of your statement and access when needed.

46. How do I ensure that I will receive my E-Bill in my email?

It is advisable to add in your contacts to make sure that the email is not blocked by your email provider. Check the capacity of your mailbox, that there is enough space. If you are using your company email address, verify if there is a firewall that could block the email from Cignal.

47. How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, log on to and click on Tools>>Profile>>Contact Information or send an email to

Commercial Plans:

48. What are the establishments eligible for a Cignal Commercial Plan subscription?

Commercial establishments such as but not limited to:

• Food and beverage stores - restaurants, fast food chains, bars, coffee shop
• Offices – headquarter offices, branches, satellite offices, clinics (including SOHO)
• Retail Stores- convenience stores, sari-sari stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, drug stores
• Common areas such as spas, gym, schools, church, museum, convention centers, events places, city/barangay hall, public market, salon, sports centers, club houses, function rooms
• Terminals, airports, parking areas
• Including those commercial establishments (restaurants/ salon etc.) inside a hotel/ resort/hospital

49. I own a restaurant in Cebu and I am interested to subscribe to Cignal. How do I subscribe?

There are several ways to subscribe to Cignal:
• Call our hotline: 2446251 if you’re from the Greater Manila Area, or 1-800-10-2446251 (toll-free from a landline) if you are from outside Metro Manila.
• Call any of our Territory Partners (or dealers) nearest you. Please click here to view a complete list of our Territory Partners directory.
• Email us at

50. What channels do I get to watch if I subscribe to Cignal?

We have a great mix of the most popular Standard and High Definition channels that are suitable to your customers’ needs – sports, movies, entertainment, news & information and more! Please click here to view the complete list of Commercial Plans and its corresponding channel line-up

51. What are the available subscription packages?

For commercial accounts we offer four (4) subscription plans namely: Plan HD Basic, Plan HD Primer HD Advance, and HD Max – all Plans carry SD and HD channels and are available in postpaid subscription only. Please click here to view the complete list of Commercial Plans.

52. How much is the installation cost?

53. What are the application documents needed to subscribe?

You must submit a fully- accomplished Service Application Form together with the following documents:

Sole Proprietorship
• Two (2) valid IDs of the proprietor
• Service Bills or Notarized Contract of Lease
• Business Permit or DTI
• ITR or Audited FS or POI (Credit card statement, Utility Bills, etc.)

• Two (2) valid IDs of the signatory
• Service Bills or Notarized contract of Lease
• Business Permit
• SEC Registration or Latest GIS (General Information Sheet)
• Board Resolution OR Secretary’s Certificate authorizing an officer to transact for such purpose.

54. How long is the lock-in period?

Standard lock-in period is 24 months (or 2 years).

55. How long does it take to install?

The lead time for installation is 24-48 hours for stand-alone establishments.

Plans For Institutional accounts:

56. What types of institutions are eligible?

• Hotels
• Resorts
• Hospitals
• Property developments (Ex. Condominiums)

57. How can I apply for a subscription?

Please call the CignalCare Hotline. For contact details please click here.

Display Types:

58. What is the difference between digital vs. analog broadcast?

Digital broadcast gives you crisper and clearer images, allowing you to maximize the features of your TV set, particularly if you’re using an LCD or LED.

59. What is Standard Definition (SD)?

SD is the broadcast standard used in the Philippines and commonly used by TVs with a “traditional” TV set or CRT (cathode ray tube).

60. What is High Definition (HD)?

HD is the highest display format for images and video, having more pixels than SD at 1080i (interlaced) display resolution. The aspect ratio for HD is 16:9.

61. Is Cignal for LCD and LED TVs only?

Cignal Digital TV broadcast is for all types and sizes of televisions. Your TV viewing experience is further enhanced on an LCD or LED set as these are already digital thus, more compatible with Cignal’s crisp and clear digital broadcast.



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